Vision & Mission


Our Vision

Doon Public School students graduate as strong, connected, lifelong learners with the necessary knowledge, skills, and character to enable their successful transition to post secondary education and careers.


Our Mission

Doon Public School is a supportive community which inspires students and equips them withthe skills to meet the career and academic challenges of our 21 st century global societyutilizing academics and industry partnerships.



The academic delivery and learning module is unique mix of teaching aids, methods and learning tools with focus on:

  • Personality Growth and Soft Skills development.
  • Practical training, assignments & Projects.
  • Flexible learning hours to help in grooming children.
  • Information and Documentation centre.
  • Communication and Creativity Lab.

Our Values

  • Practice patency, honesty and integrity.
  • Be fair minded and principled.
  • Have moral courage to face situation & take responsibility for one’s action.
  • Encourage team-building and mutual respect.
  • Protection and conservation of Environment.
  • Secure Public Trust.
  • Pursuit of Excellence.

Our Goal

Doon Public School believes that success of an educational institution should be measured by the value it adds to each individual. The School’s academic goals are as follows:

  • To qualify every student to enter in good colleges & universities.
  • To generate excitement for lifelong learning.
  • To train students in logical reasoning and critical thinking.
  • To empower learners through technology-based education.
  • To prepare students to be able to sustain intellectual efforts for long periods.

School’s non-academic goals are to teach students to:

  • Participate in extracurricular activities & community work.
  • Uphold High standards of ethical, moral & civic conduct.
  • Understand the people of the world through an appreciation of differences as well as similarities.
  • Make informed decision on social issues.
  • Foster tolerance, cooperation & team work.

To Become a High Tech School and Paperless School by 2026.


Our Moto

Monitoring, Facilitation and Implementation.