Director Message


Ajeet Kumar


“This school was started and runs with the vision of giving children the opportunity of going forward in life. We aim to make good human beings and also people who are capable of earning their living comfortably in today’s competitive world. Both “Jeevan”and “Jeevika”are important. I wish the best to all our students.”


The school is like a child for us - we wake up thinking about the students and staff, and we go to sleep thinking about them. The students and their welfare, development, and wellbeing motivate and absorb us completely. We want to see the students do well in life, and to live well and have great careers. More importantly, we want the students to become good people and good citizens of the world. For this, we try to give them every opportunity to develop and succeed through excellent instruction, a large library of books and digital media, access to computers, sports equipment, and other facilities. Most importantly, we support the teachers and staff to be the best instructors and mentors they can be. We foster a democratic culture in the school with school council elections and a voice for the students in all activities. Similarly, our doors are always open for students and parents.