“It’s not that we use technology, we live technology.”

In this rapidly changing world, where education has moved leaps and bounds, it is not only about utilizing technology in education, it is also about sharing knowledge and information, communicating effectively.  By using technology HPS has taken one more step towards professionalism.  ERP is a comprehensive school management software that brings all these required features which are required for the betterment of our young generation. This NLET Application is one of the most advanced and user friendly mobile App which makes the parents- teachers communication easy. As a parent one can observe his/her child's progress in academic and co curricular activities in their your smart phones, tablets and computer. Smart features such as GPS allows them to track the bus location and be assured about the safety of their ward while travelling in school bus. Parent can pay school fee from the comfort of their home, can apply for leave for their ward and even track the library usage of their ward. The ERP system provided by the school is an endeavor to make communication meaningful and effective and have an interactive and collaborative partnership between school, students and parents.