Hindi Debate

#Hindi_Debate_Competition (Housewise) #Middle_Wing (VI - VII) I Position - Aashi Chaudhary (VIII) Bhagat Singh house II position - Harshita koranga (VIII) Udham Singh house III Position - Mamta Maurya (VIII) & Kanika patwal (VII)

Best out of Waste

Class-wise Activity, Primary wing (I to V)

Fun Races

Fun races were held on 27 and 29 April for the classes ( 1 to 5). There were many fun races like, Lemon and Spoon race, Sack race, Balancing the ball, Book balancing etc. Students participated enthusiastically and enjoyed a lot.

Magazine Holder Activity

The magazine holder making activity was held on 11/05/2019. The students of Class III to V were made the beautiful magazine holders.

Mothers Day (Activity)

The mothers day activity was held on 8 May, 2019. This activity was for class (I to V). Students written the facts related to their mother and pasted their mother picture.

Spray Painting Competition

Spray Painting activity was held on 17/05/2019. This activity was for class III to V. Students presented their ideas on paper through spray painting. The theme was Nature. Students had shown their creativity.

Spell Bee Competition

The students of class (I to V) participated in this activity. Students were very excited and they have shown their creativity.