Badmal, Jharsuguda, Odisha-768202
Admission Open For 2020-21 Session

About Us

From The Principal's Desk

Every child is an extremely impressionable human being begging to understand why they exist. Since each child is unique therefore each child learns a little differently from the next, has different interests and will learn at a different pace. Children learn the best when they feel secured and are well-nourished. We at Doon Public School as teachers and educators, ought to be committed to ensuring that each child is provided individual nurturing and teaching by professional and loving people around and to make sure that each child develops self confidence and skills in the way that is the best for him/her. To ensure that all children irrespective of their class, caste, religion, gender have an access to quality education it is important to implement child friendly education. The child centered education will be able to attract more learners and teach students effectively. It focuses on the whole child and emphasizes both cognitive and emotional development of the young learners. In a child friendly classroom the teacher acts as a facilitator rather than an instructor. A teacher who knows what children want to achieve and how children get there, is more important than a teacher, who is all knowing sage.' The teacher here daily interacts with the children and keeps in mind that he/she is supporting all children in their growth and development covering all domains be it, social, emotional, physical, linguistic and intellectual. The children are actively involved in the teaching learning process. By having a child centered approach in the classroom enables the children to stay focused and reach their goals. Even pre- primary children can make a difference in our school by participating in real life and real world service learning projects. The main focus should be more in applying classroom lessons to real life problems, institutions or organizations thus allowing students to center on their learning style strengths. Real life problems motivate students to identify and research concepts and principle they need to know in order to progress through the problems. The curriculum here incorporates high order thinking skills, multiple intelligence technology and multimedia, the multiple literacies of 21st century and authentic assessments

I would like all my children to soar high positively in life and become successful.

Ranjan Kumar Pattanayak

Let Our Achievements Tell About Us

Doonites participated in Science exhibition and won at block level then subsequently district level and showcased at State level solely from Jharsuguda. Doonites have won in Elocution, Drawing and Singing competition at district level.


Our Campus hosted the second level of Olympiad (Science Olympiad Foundation)

#1 Parents Choice

Cities parents are proud and confident about their child's future.


Doonites have bagged THE KALINGA VIDYA RATNA , the highest honor award of Odisha state. - Doonites winning at DHOOM (a Jharsuguda level organised Dance Talent hunt)

paradeon National Festivals

School continuously demonstrating wonderful paradeon National Festivals at ME Ground. a Doonites educate the society at large.

Sweet Hostel Home

Highlights of Hostel Facilities;-

The hostel is truly a model for nurturing a sound body and steady mind for the students. It is self-sufficient in all respects and geared to take care of every need of the student.The various kinds of services provided for the students inside the hostel premises itself are as below:

  • Multi-purpose Hall

    The hostel has an airy and versatile hall, which is used for various purposes. It serves as a Study Room , Dining Hall, Prayer Hall as well as a Performance Hall for various extra-curricular and co-curricular activities of the hostel.

  • Hostel Mess

    The hostel mess caters to all the food and nutritional requirements of the students. They are served a well-balanced and strictly vegetarian diet along with milk at the hostel. The menu for all meal sessions is changed regularly to provide variety and wholesome nourishment.

  • Kitchen

    The kitchen is well maintained to ensure high standards of hygiene. It is also well furnished with modern methods of cookery replete with contemporary cooking gadgets.

  • Medical facilities

    We have, assigned appointed doctors who shall come for periodic visits and can be reached any time by calling.

  • Extra Needs

    There is also a separate Sick Ward Pantry to prepare special diets as per doctor's advice for students not keeping good health.

  • Other in-house facilities

      The hostel has a number of other services in-house to make the stay of the student at the hostel a pleasant experience. They include -
    • Stock on demand will be available for every possible item, from pencils and pins to buckets and bags, as may be required by the students.
    • A library and reading room with a variety collection of general knowledge and children story books apart from comics and other light reading material.
    • Educational, fun and good moral Movies will be aired on weekends
    • A computer room with Internet connectivity and multimedia facility with restricted access.
    • Land lines for incoming as well as outgoing calls.
    • For artistically inclined students the hostel has ample facilities to pursue their interests of painting, drawing, etc. in their leisure time.
    • For boys keen on indoor games like carom, chess, etc., the hostel has spacious patios.
    • Compulsory Study hours and outdoor sports is incorporated in daily activities.